chapter  10
24 Pages

The regeneration of disused military airfields in China

WithTang Yan, Yang Dong

This chapter explores the disuse and regeneration of China's military airfields whose special location renders them of special significance to city development and urban life. The chapter covers the background, key factors, regeneration modes, design and planning, as well as general lessons on the concrete process of airfield regeneration in China. The chapter examines the complications that arise in the process of land transfer of the disused military airfield in the case of Bengbu, Anhui province. Wangjiadun airport was once an old airfield in the urban periphery of Wuhan city, but after decades of development, it has become an important traffic hub located near the second ring of Wuhan, around 1 km away from the municipal business center southwards. As Wangjiadun core business district (CBD) aimed to be the first green CBD in central China, concepts such as energy saving and environment protection would run throughout the entire planning and construction period.