chapter  6
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Communities old and new

Military brownfields and the Aldershot urban extension
WithRobert Adam

This chapter concerns the transformation of the physical fabric of a place as a part of the collective memory of a dislocated community and the interface between this memory and the memory formation of the community who will re-occupy the place. This concerns heritage control and administration as well as the commercial significance of place identity. Aldershot began as a small village on unproductive heathland in the county of Hampshire. The area released by the Defence Estates for new commercial development was about two-thirds of the barracks in its final state. The chapter explores that physical fabric can have no significance without reference to a community and the identity of that community. The abandonment of heritage by one community and its reoccupation by another is unusual but is not a situation without precedent; it has occurred in the past through migration, disaster and conquest.