chapter  8
17 Pages

Military sites conservation and regeneration in Taiwan

WithYi-Jen Tseng

This chapter explains the characteristics of Kinmen's military heritage and discusses the threats encountered by the military heritage. It also discusses the conservation and regeneration of these sites. In "moral slogans" or propaganda banners, which can be found everywhere as part of Kinmen's military heritage, are used to explain Kinmen's military strategies and the design concepts of this military heritage. The chapter provides the importance of this military heritage. Kinmen, formerly known as Quemoy, is located in the west of the Taiwan Strait. The baptism of war is an indelible history for Kinmen, and the military camps and sites will be the sole and representative witness of Kinmen's road from war to peace. The military facilities and organisations in Kinmen are mainly defence-oriented. The idea of an eco-museum should also be introduced alongside the tangible heritage.