chapter  8
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Cultural criminology

WithStephen L. Muzzatti, Emma M. Smith

Cultural criminology explores the complex interplay of crime, transgression and control under late capitalism. It pays careful attention to crime's omnipresent lifeworlds and mediascapes by critically interrogating the multilayered carceral contexts of late capitalism on individual, social and institutional consciousnesses and practices. Cultural criminology focuses upon image, style, and representation in the complex interplay of crime and its control. Specifically, it examines the stylised frameworks and experiential dynamics of youth tribes, "deviant" subcultures, the symbolic criminalisation of popular culture artefacts, spaces, practices and actors, and the mediated construction of crime and crime control issues. As such, it draws heavily upon the long history of critical interactionist and subcultural theories. There are a number of fundamental connections between feminist criminology and cultural criminology. Cultural criminological research blossoms and thrives within a sphere of unconventional methodologies, interdisciplinary claims and dynamic objects of study. Contributors are motivated by the necessity to expose the immediacy, identities and ontologies produced and reinforced through crime narratives.