chapter  10
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Green cultural criminology

WithAvi Brisman, Nigel South

This chapter describes some examples of consumption, representation and commodification of nature and related consequences and trends. Green cultural criminology is a new direction in critical criminology—one that, offers many further avenues to pursue, while dovetailing nicely with many of the other critical criminological concerns expressed. In the tropes of environmental horror entertainment—and in reality—nature can be frightening, and human ambivalence about it has contributed major and recurrent sources of inspiration, anxiety and tension in films and literature. The human response to the world around us has been to cultivate nature's ability to provide sustenance but also to engage in patterns and practices of extreme extraction of resources. In raping and pillaging the planet, the growth of dependence on technology has been central. The paradox of the impact of technology on the politics of leisure and the prospects for creating and living in an alternative cultural world was central to Young's analysis of bohemian subcultures.