chapter  23
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Thinking critically about contemporary adult pornography and woman abuse

ByWalter S. DeKeseredy, Amanda Hall-Sanchez

This chapter shows that progressive criminologists are adjusting to the "hypothesis that pornography should be studied in exactly the same way that film has been productively studied". It reviews the extant critical criminological literature on the linkage between pornography and woman abuse and suggests new directions in critical criminological understandings of the relationship between these two harms. It is necessary to define pornography. Lower-class rural people are also routinely stereotyped in contemporary pornography. The rural women featured in numerous pornographic websites typically have large breasts, wear halter tops and frayed denim short-shorts, and are usually portrayed as farmers' daughters. Pornography moved in a few decades from a lucrative underground business with ties to organized crime to a huge corporate-capitalist industry that operates openly and that is an integral part of a rape-supportive culture. Woman abuse means the physical, sexual, psychological, spiritual, and economic abuse of a woman by her current or former male partner.