chapter  34
16 Pages

Research on human trafficking

Critical perspectives and thoughts on new directions
WithEmily Troshynski, Olivia Tuttle

This chapter begins with a discussion of the tenets of critical criminology and how such a framework can be applied to future research on human trafficking. It discusses multidimensional trends of human trafficking. A comprehensive review of relevant research dedicated to human trafficking is explored which allows for a conversation surrounding contested rates, inconsistent definitional issues, attachments to international policy, various manifestations of the phenomenon, as well as some most commonly cited methodological limitations and theoretical deficiencies. In thinking about the definition of human trafficking, past research has also explored the ways in which public and government agencies have defined the phenomenon and how these definitions have influenced current trafficking policies. A critical criminological perspective will continue with this line of inquiry and address the possibility that special interest groups, nonprofit organizations, and governments may actually intensify the phenomenon of human trafficking to support their particular political interests and agendas.