chapter  35
13 Pages

Curbing state crime by challenging the U.S. empire

WithRonald C. Kramer

This chapter argues that criminologists cannot adequately address the larger issue of curbing international state crime without first taking into account the fact that, primarily for reasons of empire, the United States is still, the greatest purveyor of violence. It sketches out three very broad approaches to challenging empire to which critical criminologists may be able to contribute. The first approach is to counter the denial and normalization that usually cover state crimes. The second approach is to help build progressive social movements to contest state power and change the political and economic arrangements of global capitalism. Finally, the authors can work to enhance the democratization of the international political community in general and the ability of specific international legal institutions to better control state crimes. The chapter distinguishes between traditional and organic public criminology. It concludes that the empire of the United States, remains the greatest purveyor of state crime and violence in the world.