chapter  2
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Left realism

A new look
ByWalter S. DeKeseredy, Martin D. Schwartz

This chapter describes the intellectual and political roots of left realism. It examines the theoretical and empirical contributions of proponents of the school of thought. Left realism's original goal was to fill the left-wing void on predatory street crime. Some critics may argue that since the square of crime is a dated contribution and that left realism has historically focused on inner-city street crime, relevance to a critical criminological understanding of criminal activities to them in rural communities. In sum, left realism has taken several new theoretical trajectories since its birth and is likely to do so in the future. Left realists helped many critical criminologists to recognize that numbers are not entirely bad things. Left realists never deviate from emphasizing short-term, anti-crime policies and practices. In a constantly evolving and ever changing world, there is always more theoretical and empirical work to do regardless of which theoretical position critical criminologists adhere to.