chapter  37
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Confronting adult pornography

ByWalter S. DeKeseredy

This chapter examines progressive individual and collective means of confronting pornography. These measures involve taking an explicit stand for women and have the potential to help reduce much pain and suffering. Pornography itself is ubiquitous and easily accessed part of media landscape. Yet for all the punditry and moral panic about young-adult sexuality, there is little opportunity for teens and young people to discuss how to critically watch and think about pornography. Educators and activists must be very careful when using pornographic images to make points about the harm they cause. Some instructors show these images in a select few university courses and understand their use as educational tools in the right environment. Although the activities may appear mundane and traditional, their revised context represents one set of strategies for breaking down patriarchy and promoting greater awareness of pornography by giving public voice to the issue and confronting such public expressions of patriarchy.