chapter  7
11 Pages

Queer criminology

WithCarrie L. Buist, Emily Lenning, Matthew Ball

This chapter explores the ongoing debates in queer criminology over what queer means and the implications of these debates for the directions of queer criminological work. It discusses how Queer identity has an impact on one's experiences in the criminal legal system, particularly in relation to police, courts, and corrections. The chapter explores how the history of criminalizing Queer people has had a long-standing impact on Queer people as victims, and as criminal legal professionals working within the system. It provides a sampling of the varied topics of inquiry, theoretical perspectives, and research that dominate criminological work that we might consider "queer". The chapter explores some of the empirical directions in queer criminology and their potential policy implications. Regardless of the theoretical position taken, or the particular topic investigated, queer criminological research of all kinds is necessary in order to not only fill the gaps in the literature, but also to strengthen the presence of queer criminology within the academy.