chapter  8
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Climate migration and conflicts

A self-fulfilling prophecy?
ByLennart Olsson

This chapter explores potential links between climate change and social impacts on migration and conflicts. In the public debate it is often heared about strong links between climate change impacts and mass migration and/or armed conflicts. In contrast to public debate, the scientific debate is much less certain about climate impacts on migration and conflicts. Even if the evidence for climate-induced migration and conflict is weak, people must acknowledge that the bleak outlook for climate change, in combination with other change processes, raises concerns about the future habitability of some parts of the globe. Climate-induced migration is often discussed in the context of climate change adaptation, and an important aspect of adaptation funding is the concept of additionality. Most aspects of climate change have been the subject of intensive research. Of all global environmental challenges, climate change is the most scientifically informed, and the more people know about it, the worse it seems to affect them.