chapter  14
Corporate real estate management
The missing link in sustainable real estate
ByChristopher Heywood
Pages 12

Using three ideas, this chapter reviews the state of the art for Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) and sustainability:

Cadman’s (2000) ’vicious circle of blame’ or it’s virtuous antidote locates real estate occupiers (CREM) as important actors in sustainable real estate;

A consumption-based perspective locating CREM as the ultimate demand point in the commercial real estate system makes it critical in the operation of that system; and

CREM as a field operates at the intersection of business and real estate systems. As such, CREM leverages both business and real estate intentions with regards to sustainability.

The chapter’s considerations include: occupiers’ roles in sustainable real estate, occupiers’ propensity to pay for sustainability and the impact of changing workplaces practices. Several provocations are also considered including: occupiers’ churn — their perpetual search for new premises, being complicit in wasteful real estate practices and choosing CRE locations on exo-property considerations like carbon in business supply chains.