chapter  1
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Not an Ordinary Election

The Presidential Race of 2016
WithWilliam J. Crotty

The election pitted two candidates and parties, Donald Trump, the Republican party nominee, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic nominee, with contrasting personalities, life experiences and personal values as well as polarized conceptions of what government should do and who it should represent. Donald Trump was a political novice; he had never held office at any level or competed for office in a campaign. Trump claimed to have the money needed to finance his own campaign, as opposed to creating Super Political Action Committees (Super PACs) or asking for donations. Donald Trump is a skilled negotiator and a successful businessman who has built an international empire. Hillary Rodham Clinton has had a long and impressive career in politics. She had been Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton had a reputation for thorough preparation, in addition to a clear and well developed appreciation of the policy agenda of the campaign.