chapter  7
24 Pages

Navigating through Turbulence and Troublesome Times

Latinos, Election 2016, Partisan Politics, and Salient Public Policies
WithJohn A. Garcia

This chapter provides an analytical narrative how Latinos, in their continued efforts to expand their political impact and influence to the 2016 election outcomes, navigated an emotionally charged election period in which this community was the "target" of policy changes and castigated aspersions about their character and value to this nation. It includes a short discussion of the major developments occurring in American politics and elections. The chapter focuses on Latino communities, their leadership and behaviors working through a turbulent political world and analyzing their political attitudes and behaviors. It discusses the developments regarding the Latino electorate, their relationships with the major political parties, and then the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The chapter looks at the developments among the Latino electorate in terms of growth, advancements, and challenges. It also discusses the short- and long-term implications of this "round" of Latino political engagement for its political future and the American political system.