chapter  8
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The Election in Perspective

WithJohn Kenneth White

This chapter focuses on five important ones: the establishments of both political parties are dead; politics and culture have merged into one; demography is destiny—until it isn't; the democratic party is in disarray; and Republicans are the party of Donald Trump. In killing two political dynasties named Bush and Clinton, Donald Trump's rise to the presidency signaled the death knell of once-powerful establishments that controlled both political parties. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton faced a formidable challenge from Bernie Sanders who is quickly emerging as one of the party's most powerful spokespersons. Whereas the Democratic establishment barely managed to confer its nomination upon its chosen candidate, Donald Trump forced the Republican establishment into an unconditional surrender. Establishment Republicans held Trump in near-universal contempt—a stance that many believed would all but deny him the nomination given the party's long-standing preference for establishment-backed candidates. The contempt the Republican establishment had for Donald Trump was returned in kind.