chapter  4
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Operational definitions of disability

Usable in comparative research on Active Citizenship?
WithTossebro Jan, Hvinden Bjørn

This chapter addresses methodological challenges. It discusses issues related to empirical indicators of Active Citizenship, whereas the topic of this chapter is the translation of general notions about disability into measurements for use in survey research. The chapter, however, is not a traditional methods chapter outlining the choices of the DISCIT project. It builds largely on existing research. However, only very few studies address the basis for reliable comparative statistics in disability research. The chapter also discusses findings that have other purposes but may illuminate the questions addressed. In reality, this is mainly data on the proportion of a population classified as disabled. The chapter reviews a small number of studies on comparability and a set of reports on prevalence, which exist in English or a Scandinavian language. It includes the methodology of disability measurement in this book is a set of observations that gives cause for concern.