chapter  10
Starbucks China: the world’s priciest cup of coff ee PEILUCHEN
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Starbucks, the reigning king of the coff ee shop industry, has long stayed on top in the popularity contest relative to other coff ee purveyors despite its consistently high prices. 9 Besides its coff ee quality, there are some other factors explaining its high customer loyalty: a place for everyone, ambiance, and being consistently convenient. 10 Starbucks’ high-quality brew and a small selection of food items serve a wide range of customers of all ages and occupations. Starbucks’ atmosphere is a draw, suitable for chatting, meeting up or even working. Also, it is consistent in global locations. The reliability of Starbucks experience is crucial in winning over customers’ taste buds and loyalty and the baristas seem to keep even long lines moving. 11 Starbucks off ers competitive benefi ts packages to its employees, whom they call “partners,” including health insurance coverage, stock purchase options, and a college achievement plan. 12 These benefi ts are often not available to part time employees at other companies.