chapter  17
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Counterfeits in online retailing: how they are sold and what can be done to fi ght back BARBARASTÖTTINGERANDJULIAGSCHWENDNER

Susan, a very careful and brand-aware young woman, decided to buy the bag she has been dreaming of for a long time. After checking various websites, including the brand’s online shop and a number of other online retailers, she seems to have found the best possible deal: a brand new bag on 20 percent discount from a relatively new online retailer recommended by her friend Anna, which claims to be certifi ed and is the top hit on various search engines. 2 Susan cannot hold back her excitement and eagerly shows off her new bag to Anna upon its arrival: “Anna, look at this! I fi nally got the bag I have been telling you about and got an unbelievable deal on the website you recommended. You remember our conversation about that, don’t you? Doesn’t it look amazing?”