chapter  9
Organizational Space and Place beyond Container or Construction: Exploring Workspace in the Communicative Constitution of Organizations
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Communication Yearbook began as an annual review sponsored by the International Communication Association (ICA). This chapter describes competitively selected original research studies presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association. One of ICA's goals in continuing the Yearbook tradition was to publish reviews of the literature in each of the areas represented by the divisions and interest groups of the ICA. Deetz's first volume had a mass media focus with monographs and commentaries related to mass entertainment, audience mediation and politics; mass media messages and influence; interaction in the social context; and the person in interaction. William B. Gudykunst's introduction to the volume noted the difficulty in eliciting competitive state-of-the-art essays about each subarea or interest group area, as there was unevenness in the quality of submissions from across the field. Chuck Salmon also initiated a conversation within the International Communication Association executive board on the future of Communication Yearbook.