chapter  1
How Long Do News Framing Effects Last? A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies
Pages 30

This chapter reviews connections between current research on relational aggression in psychology, education, new media studies, and communication to make a case for extending the study of relational aggression by communication scholars. It reviews the state of relational aggression research to illustrate the value of taking a behavior-based, communication-focused approach. The chapter examines more research on the topic of relational aggression in the field of communication. It explores theories of strategic communication that can be used to ground empirical research. The majority of research on relational aggression has been undertaken in developmental psychology, social psychology, and education. Archer and Coyne have argued that the study of relational aggression must span disciplines in order to account for various facets of the phenomenon. The chapter shows the value of studying populations outside the ages typically associated with relational aggression and of rejecting the idea that relational aggression is purely a female behavior.