chapter  11
Publishing in Contemporary School Psychology
ByMichael R. Hass
Pages 6

This chapter describes the history, aims, and scope of Contemporary School Psychology (CSP). It offers a summary of operations and publication patterns of CSP, and provides recommendations to prospective authors. CSP began in 1996 as the California School Psychologist. The California School Psychologist was originally established by the Board of the California Association of School Psychologists (CASP) as a service for its members. In June of 2010, CASP Board of Directors agreed to a name change, and the California School Psychologist became CSP. Although CSP continues to serve the membership of CASP, which is the largest state organization in the country serving the interests of school psychologists, it also seeks to inform school psychology practice throughout the United States and the world. CSP offers fast track publication by publishing articles online within a few weeks of acceptance. Upon acceptance, authors can also choose to have their manuscripts published with open access.