chapter  3
The Peer-Review Process and Responding to Reviewer Feedback
ByRandy G. Floyd
Pages 17

The peer-review process seems daunting to many students, emerging scholars, and seasoned veterans. This chapter aims to offers insights into submitting manuscripts for peer review, understanding the review process, and responding appropriately to reviewer feedback. After submission, within about a week or two, publisher will be contacted by someone associated with the journal. As the proportion of rejections to submissions is fairly constant across journals, when publisher submit a greater number of manuscripts, they are faced with more and more rejections. When writing a response letter, address comments primarily to the handling editor who will render the decision on publisher' manuscript. In the end, conduct final edits of publisher' manuscript before uploading it. Under ideal circumstances, publisher' initial submission is accepted without revisions, but this outcome is extremely rare and essentially a fantasy. Publisher' resubmitted manuscript has a much higher probability of being accepted than their original submission.