chapter  3
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Gendered Globalization 
and Violence

ByJeff Hearn, Kopano Ratele, Tamara Shefer

This chapter examines some of the key processes of gendered globalization, with special reference to the urgent problem of men's violence and violent masculinities and its significance for global and transnational social work. It also reflects the growing interest in macro-studies on gender equality and relations to violence, the overlaps between the global and local, with numerous crossovers between research, policy development, and activism. The chapter highlights the transnational violences that can occur through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). It focuses on three transnational examples, all framed in relation to violence and violation: global, international, and ­transnational ­violences; interpersonal violence in intimacy; and engaging men and boys in global and local anti-violence initiatives. The chapter points to the range of connections between globalization and diverse forms of violence and highlight the benefits of thinking about globalized violence and local violence in global terms, the constraints and potential pitfalls and dangers in such transnational frameworks.