chapter  10
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The Key Features of Persuasive Games

A Model and Case Analysis
ByRuud S. Jacobs, Jeroen Jansz, Teresa de la Hera Conde-Pumpido

This chapter discusses persuasive games as a subset of serious games. It aims to deepen insight into the nature and possible impact of persuasive games by analyzing several existing games that are united in their intentions to change or reinforce attitudes. The chapter investigates 11 exemplar cases of contemporary persuasive games to get a better understanding of the elements that game developers use to persuade players. It provides a full overview of the entire catalogue of persuasive games. De la Hera's conceptual model describes many different ways to persuade players of persuasive games, combining methods of persuasion unique to games with those that could also be used in different media. The chapter investigates the persuasive dimensions games use to spread their message. It concludes that persuasive games offer organizations and idealistic authors alike an outlet for novel persuasive communication that can use different dimensions.