chapter  17
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Airline sustainability and corporate social responsibility

ByRobert Mayer

This chapter defines sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from an airline perspective, and discusses the developments, communication strategies and reporting standards in airline sustainability and CSR. Airline sustainable development is defined as actions that airlines undertake to reduced negative environmental impacts, enhances the social cohesion and access to transportation needs, while achieving long-term financial profitability. Many airlines focus on reducing their carbon dioxide emissions through different initiatives, such as fleet renewal programmes and weight-reduction measures. Technological improvements of aircraft, either by upgrading existing aircraft or purchasing newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft, are an important element of airline efforts to reduce their impacts on air quality and climate change. Although the focus of airline CSR and corporate sustainability, and resulting from that any research that is conducted in this field, is often on environmental aspects, airlines and researchers also address the social dimension.