chapter  12
On the relationship between restorative justice and therapy in cases of sexual violence
ByGunda Woessner
Pages 17

This chapter compares the therapeutic and criminogenic as well as protective needs both of victims of sexual assault and of sex offenders to best navigate the possible achievements and hazards of restorative justice (RJ) in cases of sexual violence. Some victims exhibit a high level of psychological functioning and resilience that helps them to overcome the traumatic event of sexual victimisation. Among the major concerns of therapist, activists and feminists regarding RJ possibilities for victims of sexual violence is the risk of revictimisation and retraumatisation. An important theoretical consideration in the discourse of sex offender treatment, one that is often under-theorised and neglected, is the distinction that is to be made between rehabilitation and social reintegration. The Good Lives Model (GLM) has challenged the criminogenic needs focus of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) model and instead focuses on additional treatment targets as part of the sex offender rehabilitation process.