chapter  4
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Politics in Innovations: Fractal Films as New Rhetorics for Nonlinear Politics

With(Featuring Babel, Crash, and Cloud Atlas)

The message here is that movies are among America’s most prominent sites of political mythmaking. This keeps cinema on cutting edges of rhetorical invention for American politics. Powerful cases in point are the movie rhetorics emerging for movements, styles, systems, and other arguably “chaotic,” nonlinear politics. These postmodern unto postwestern politics elude many disciplines of modern states and ideologies.3 They even escape classical templates of public deliberation and decision of the sorts that dominate dreams of deliberative democracy.4 Hence linear narratives and civic rhetorics misconceive important political opportunities and troubles in our times. Yet movies have been developing

ingenious narratives and engaging rhetorics to help us respond to dynamics of nonlinear systems prominent in current situations.