chapter  13
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Harvest jungle

We again waited until late into the evening to make our way back into the orchard. The tramp sat quietly for a few minutes, then said: “You learned quite a few tricks today; pretty soon you’ll know what the hell you’re doing on this road. You listen to that Angler Joe-he knows what he’s talking about. You learned how to break a bottle so there’d be a piece sharp enough to shave with, and he showed you how to open a tin can by rubbing it on a fl at rock. Even knowing how to boil water in a bottle-there’s always a bottle around a jungle-might make the difference between whether or not you have your coffee!” Carl chuckled. “Yep, old Angler Joe. I knew I knew him. He used to hang around with old Dirty Hands, and a guy they called ‘Porkchops.’ I told you about Porkchops, didn’t I?