chapter  8
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Race, Gender, and Bodily (Mis)Recognitions: Women of Color Faculty Experiences with White Students

Identities are shaped not only by self-perception but also by others’ perceptions of self. More pointedly, one’s bodily self can be perceived differently depending on the viewer. The power of the viewer to recognize (render visible), misrecognize (render selectively visible), or not recognize (render invisible) a body has profound affects on both micro-and macrolevel processes. As misrecognized raced and gendered bodies, “outsiders-within” the academy (Collins 1986), women of color (WOC) faculty are one site at which bodily negotiations occur. To that end, Turner (2002, 74) notes, “Faculty women of color experience multiple marginality, characterized by lived contradiction and ambiguous empowerment. Their

lives are often invisible, hidden within studies that either examine experiences of women faculty or faculty of color.” This chapter seeks to recognize-and thus render visible-some of the unique challenges that WOC faculty encounter within the classroom space of Historically White Colleges and Universities (HWCU). In so doing it explores the interaction between the student and instructor elements of classroom conflict outlined in chapter 3.