chapter  12
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“As only a Game Can”: Re-Creating Subjective Lived Experiences through Interactivity in Non-Fictional Video Games


Video games’ multimodality allows for the creation of rich, interactive diegetic worlds that invite their players to experience immersion. Their distinguishing feature, however, is the ludic, interactive feedback loop that drives the game. It creates the potential for game rules, goals, and a point structure to be set up, which in turn guide the pace and type of player interactions. The feedback loop, working together with other elements, produces the compelling experiences that have made video games popular. This chapter explores how manipulations of the interactive feedback loop can not only represent but also evoke a character’s subjective experience for the player in two independent video games, Akrasia (Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, 2008) and Gravitation (Jason Rohrer, 2008).