ByMariana K. Falconier, Ashley K. Randall, Guy Bodenmann
Pages 4

This chapter highlights the specific characteristics of the Italian culture and background that render some features of couples' coping particularly relevant in this context. It presents the available evidence on Italian partners' dyadic coping. Forming and maintaining a satisfying romantic relationship are important life goals for Italians. In particular, the structure and psychometrics of the Dyadic Coping Questionnaire, a precursor of the current Dyadic Coping Inventory, were analyzed in a sample of Italian partners. Indeed, the systemic transaction model (STM) ascribes a critical role to partners' perceptions of dyadic coping responses and stress signals for the success of the dyadic coping process. Finally, the chapter concludes with the implications for programs aiming at improving couples' stress management and for dyadic coping research. While some features of Italian couple relationships are in line with other European and international trends, others are specific characteristics of the Italian and Mediterranean context.