chapter  12
Dyadic Coping in Romanian Couples
Pages 16

The purpose of this book chapter is to increase understanding of stress and dyadic coping (DC) within married couples from Romania. Research on stress and coping in couples and families has received increasing empirical attention in North America and Western Europe (Falconier, Jackson, Hilpert, & Bodenmann, 2015). The generalizability of these findings may be limited due to the lack of variation in the contextual factors (such as culture and socio-economic status) of the samples. Romania, similar to other Eastern European countries, has been confronted with difficulties stemming from a post-communist transition, including the transforma - tion of society with psychological consequences. The current chapter presents family functioning and DC within the specific cultural and socio-economic background of Romania by analyzing how DC is related to specific contextual factors (daily stress, economic status), individual variables (education, sanctification of marriage, positive emotions, individual coping), and dyadic variables (marriage duration, marital satisfaction). Based on these findings, policies and interventions to strengthen marriages and to improve DC in Romanian couples are presented.