chapter  16
Dyadic Coping in African Couples
ByPeter Hilpert, Charles Kimamo
Pages 16

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world (Sayre, 1999) with more than 1.1 billion inhabitants in fifty-four countries (Gudmastad, 2013). Although the African continent is generally rich in natural resources (e.g., precious metals, diamonds, wood) and receives around $150 billion in foreign aid each year, it is still the poorest continent. A substantial number of its countries have a GDP per capita income of less than US $2,000 per person (CIA World Factbook, 2012). In addition, political instability is prominent in many African countries. Since 1956, when African countries began to obtain independence from colonialism, there have been 142 plotted, 109 attempted, and 82 successful coups d’état (Collier & Hoeffler, 2005). Given that 50 percent of the African population is younger than 20 years of age (Njideka, 2013), it is important to understand the political-economic context in which hundreds of millions of people will be looking for jobs and spouses in the next decade.