chapter  10
19 Pages

Consulting on the Global Stage

ByMatthew C. Heim

This chapter focuses on the challenges that should be taken into account before planning the global engagement approach, thus fostering a higher potential for customer satisfaction and engagement success. Global engagements can vary, from a complete reorganization of the company, to an information systems implementation within a specific business unit or function. Global engagements may also include the rollout of special programs or initiatives within a single department, such as Human Resources, that impact many different business units or entities around the world. One of the most important considerations in the Global Consulting Approach is culture. While it may be more difficult to justify direct cost savings or revenue success, the development of trust and credibility with the client is vital. Global information systems rollouts require much forethought before implementation – much of which has to do with the organizational structure and the impacts of change at each location.