chapter  7
A little light
ByPatricia Berry
Pages 12

This chapter refers to a dream of C. G. Jung's as referenced by Wolfgang Giegerich in his essay, "A Little Light, to Be Carried through Night and Storm: Comments on the State of Jungian Psychology Today". It finds useful in working with dreams to regard the person of the dreamer in the dream as distinct from the dreamer in daily reality. Calling the dreamer in the dream the dream ego helps keep this distinction in mind. In Jung's dream of the little light the ego experiences itself as "making slow and painful headway against a mighty wind". The form here is of a progress narrative. The real problem with the "little light" situation is that it is exceedingly attractive. "The little light" once sheltered in our Jungian introverted hands is now radically externalized, held aloft, politicized, and enacted as we carry our mission and programs to every corner of the world.