chapter  17
Dynamism and inequalities in the Global South cities
ByCaroline Moser
Pages 12

This chapter reviews current research and suggests possible lines of investigation through categorical dimensions of urban space that could direct smart city development in the future. It outlines current trends that have the power to inform urban development over the years to come. George Gilder extended the idea and magnified a prevailing view of the impending urban dissolution with his statement that 'cities are leftover baggage from the industrial era one's heading for the death of cities'. At the dawn of the Information Age it seemed that networked information space was the portent of a future without cities, yet growing and decisive trends prove the opposite. The smart city of tomorrow the human and ultimately sustainable smart city is predicated on a tightly meshed hybrid space. As technology continues to dematerialize and permeate the physical environment essentially, to disappear it is foregrounded by the non-digital aspects of life: community, aesthetics, and nurturing environments.