chapter  11
Veterans and Suicide
Risk Factors, Assessment, and Treatment
WithChristie Jackson
Pages 15

Mental health providers treating Veterans should be equipped with an understanding of the particular risk factors of suicide associated with military service, know how to perform a thorough suicide risk assessment, and provide evidence-based treatment as well as other resources for individuals at risk of suicide. This chapter presents information regarding all of these key areas and explains a discussion of help-seeking barriers among military Veterans. Veterans may also resist seeking treatment because of perceived concerns relating to non-military mental health providers. A comprehensive suicide risk assessment should be performed on every Veteran that is new to one's practice, and an abbreviated assessment should be conducted at periodic intervals as needed, depending on the Veteran's diagnosis, functionality, and current stressors. Clinicians should be aware that there are a number of evidence-based mental health treatments available for Veterans who may be struggling with suicidal ideation, urges to suicide, and/or self-harm behaviors.