chapter  2
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Military Culture and Veteran Transition

WithJose E. Coll, Eugenia L. Weiss

This chapter addresses common elements of transition and how culture, identity, education, and re-entry into the workforce play a role in the success of service member transition from the military into the civilian sector. It offers community-based human services providers an opportunity to begin to understand cultural aspects with regard to the strengths and challenges that transitioning from the military to a civilian lifestyle can entail for Veterans. For many Veterans, the transition to civilian society creates a psychological invisibility which can be defined as a sensation of depersonalization and a feeling of being overshadowed by stereotypical assumptions and prejudices. Veterans are by the nature of their training a homogeneous group made up of common values and a military culture which guides their daily interactions. Providers need to examine the military population on a continuum, from active involvement in the military lifestyle to the wounded warriors to the Veterans transitioning into civilian society.