chapter  8
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School shootings and lone actor terrorism


This chapter focuses on several high-profile cases as exemplified by Anat Kamm, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden. They represent archetypes of the individuals likely to become betrayers of trust to their organizations and governments. Then, Jofi Joseph appears more intent on disparaging his colleagues in government than harming his organization, with no classified materials released by his actions. An insider threat relates to a betrayal of trust by individuals employed by organizations who are granted access to those organizations' critical Information Technology (IT) components and who intentionally compromise them in order to sabotage the organizations' ability to accomplish their mission. Julian Assange, the most prominent exponent of this ideological mantra, is considered a genius software programmer and cryptographer. Finally, one of the most effective methods of defeating the insider threat is to substantially decrease organizational factors that might make it easier for insiders to surreptitiously remove such sensitive information.