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Introduction: lone actor and autonomous cell terrorism


This chapter examines the thesis that terrorist organizations' views on the participation of women in terror-related activities are characterized by pragmatism and the organization's values. Women's participation in terror-related activities is guided by the organization's values but, when needed, women are allowed to participate in acts of terror even though it is contradictory to the organization's fundamental values. At the same time, the phenomenon of jihadist lone actor terrorism has developed in Europe and North America. Roshonara Choudhry had not been significantly interested in politics, although she stated, according to the interrogation report, that she had always been religiously interested. On 9 March 2010, the U. S. Department of Justice released the indictment of Colleen LaRose to the press. In most terrorist organizations, however, women are assigned different roles than men are. Often this relates to how conservative the ideology of the organization's values.