chapter  2
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World War A: contemporary anarchists and extreme left perpetrators


The chapter presents an overview of school shootings and the development of the phenomenon. The school shooting debate has typically revolved around questions of youth, delinquency, mental health, and gun control, and terrorism is more often placed in the context of internal security, foreign policy, immigration and integration, and radical politics. Anders Behring Breivik, who nowadays presents a paradigmatic case of a dangerous lone actor, may be a case in point a youngish white male with a history of mental health issues, a dysfunctional family background, and problems fitting in socially created himself anew as a Knight Templar, wishing to inspire others to join him in the struggle against Islam and the multiculturalists regime. The Kent State shooting in 1970 is one famous example of this kind of government shooting. A case in point was the Montreal massacre in 1989 when engineering student Marc Lépine entered the cole Polytechnique and started shooting, specifically targeting women.