chapter  94
“Remember Be Here Now”
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This chapter looks at specific interventions in bereavement groups that exemplify the installation of hope. One particularly effective intervention in the installation of hope is to have bereavement groups that are mixed among people who are more recently bereaved. It is quite helpful to encourage group Members who are further along in the bereavement process to disclose and identify how they can relate to what an individual who is more recently bereaved is experiencing. This intervention process can also be an effective intervention for those who are further along, by helping them to see how far they have gone in the bereavement process. Due to the very serious and profoundly upsetting experience of spousal loss with its concomitant lifestyle change. In words beautifully written by Dickinson "hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul". Reaching what has become a dormant hope is the goal of the bereavement group Therapist.