chapter  10
Anger: A Historical Account and an Ah Ha Moment
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A group approach where one transitions between individual psychodynamic, group dynamic and cultural aspects seems to build up constructive relations with and between immigrants. Useful concepts and adaptation of familiar frames and methods can help to overcome gaps between cultures. Since there are also people in need among the 180 different nationalities living in Amsterdam and surroundings, the author decided in 2005 to start an English-speaking intercultural group. It meets every other week for two hours. People come to this group for diverse reasons: experiencing isolation, trouble integrating into society and feeling torn between different cultures. But all the members wish to have better contact and interactions in private as well as in public life. Most clients are referred by general practitioners or mental health organizations and some have previously been in individual treatment with her. Their diagnoses include depression, anxiety disorder, identity problems and a lot of acculturation stress.