chapter  12
A Ritual for Termination
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Many of the clients come to see the authors, who were a Mental Health Counselor for various reasons. One that seems to be less initially discussed is their conflict with decision making. For some, the decision difficulty runs the continuum of the simplest, that is, pondering a menu which elicits anxiety to some especially when the other dinner guests begin to become annoyed, and some of the most profound decisions, which can lead to panic attacks. As a group leader it becomes one of our many responsibilities to guide them into feeling more comfortable with decision making. Yet, the individual's level of neuroticism can make a decision more painful than the conflict leading up to it. This rather simple intervention can be quite effective with helping clients compartmentalize the many extraneous variables affecting their conflicts in making a decision. It is also a nice intervention for a new group leader who wants to introduce a rather safe intervention.