chapter  16
Sparking Connection: Increasing Awareness, Engagement and Relatedness
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Often when people are in pain or discomfort, they can only focus on pain. Learning that people can actually shift their attention to a pain-free, or at least neutral, place can be a powerful discovery. The effect of this intervention allows for a deepening of experience with one another, a shifting from reporting events or happenings, particularly after a break, to an increased focus on the issues and concerns that emerge as members come together to work. In the author's Somatic Experiencing (SE) training, she has learned to appreciate that when members become activated, particularly with anger or frustration, they lose their capacity to process information or feedback. They can no longer engage in real dialogue. By grounding themselves, members have more resilience and greater openness to learning in the moment. This intervention can be used with any group to enhance the reflective capacity of its members.