chapter  22
The Group Therapist in the Making
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The analogy of "building a pathway toward success" can assist group therapy clients with understanding how group can be helpful, while simultaneously encouraging clients with identifying, setting, and articulating what their current goals are. Clients who are new to group may have little idea how group therapy works or how it can be helpful to them. It is important to explain the group process, rules, and expectations of group therapy, however, many clients still have difficulty grasping how group therapy can help them achieve their psychotherapeutic or personal goals. Most clients are generally open and receptive to identifying and articulating their goals for treatment. If a group member is having difficulty identifying goals, skip them and go to the next group member. Group member questions should be answered honestly by the group leader, while also eliciting feedback from other group members to help newer clients gain an understanding of and add credibility to the effectiveness of group therapy.