chapter  65
Group as a Place to Practice New Behaviors
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Art therapy treatment is an "experience" emotional journey, which puts emphasis on the process of doing, as a path toward the final product. The use of an "experience" projective tool in women's groups stems from the view that the goal is attainment of a "final product", in which women will grow to a better place in their lives. A place of self-awareness, and high self-image, involves focusing on the process and the journey in the world of emotions, unconsciousness, metaphors, and symbols. The women's groups range in age from thirty to fifty years of age. The women's major occupation is house holding. They arrive with a feeling of unfulfillment, low self-image, and low self-assurance. The intervention is appropriate for groups dealing with the narrative of a patient's life, to address and discover her creative and healthy parts. This type of group intervention can be prescribed to a general therapy group and is effective for both men and women.