chapter  68
“What Do You Mean I Should Tell Her What I Think About Her?” Psychoeducation About Interpersonal Processes
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Dissociation is one mechanism that is used by the ego as a way to maintain its integrity for survival, and is a response to severe trauma. The childhood physical abuse may be an antecedent to the development of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When doing group therapy with a veteran who is known to dissociate it can present a number of challenges for the group Therapist. In particular, it is important for the Therapist to be able to hold the patient's unbearable mental states of mind in mind for the patient. Freud's theory of repression and memory disturbance provides the Therapist with valuable insights for working with these patients. In the earlier years, the groups were residential in the hospital for the first four weeks. The program was intense, providing psychoeducational groups, individual therapy, and group psycho therapy. This chapter presents a case, Therapist experience with war veterans for eight years, as a descriptor of the dissociative experience.