chapter  89
The Nine Basic Steps for a Successful Group
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Group therapy affords participants the opportunities to dispel the belief that one must remain all alone in his or her internal world and endure a torturous, lingering process of self-shaming and inadvertently self-deprivation. The energy spent on containing these fantasies may result not only in emotional rigidity, but also in self-alienation. It also results in unrewarding interpersonal relationships and stifle creativity. At that point, the journey began on the long and bumpy road to understanding the respective psychologies reflected in these men's offenses. It is strongly recommended, especially with this particular population, that having knowledge of clinical theories is necessary but insufficient to working with a felonious groupone that displays disregard for the personal boundaries of others. In relation to contraindications with this particular population, a group Therapist must be able to free herself or himself from judgment and outrage at the acts committed by these individuals, and keep moral opinions in abeyance.